Started in the summer of two thousand and fifteen...

Mana was born of two friends who were unhappy with the minimally available and café-based cold brew coffee in Melbourne. So they set out to create a commercially available, smooth and fruity brew of their own. 

Fast forward to two thousand and nineteen and the team had grown from a back shed operation to a cold brew coffee brand that was challenging the ready-to-drink coffee market with its unique product and packaging format.

However, said chaps already had full time gigs and so sought to find an established and respected group to help them continue their dream.


“To ensure sustainable and socially responsible business practices and working on an ‘everybody wins’ philosophy”. From sourcing and buying coffee to production and packaging, to shipping and delivery. We are on a mission to create an ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious coffee industry for everyone to enjoy and benefit from”.   

Dedicated to serving a larger purpose in the industry...

We are on a constant mission to consistently improve the way we do things around here. We aren’t just stopping here. For years to come we are dedicated to evolving and incorporating new practices that serve a larger purpose in this industry.

Joining with the Commonfolk family

Roasters who were totally aligned with Mana’s founding mantra; to ensure sustainable and socially responsible business practices, helped to establish a new platform working on an ‘everybody wins’ philosophy whilst growing the brand.

Born under the light of the Southern Cross, Commonfolk have been living the dream since twenty thirteen. Providing brand new production facilities, we are thrilled to be growing our capacity and expanding both reach and product lines throughout Australia.

We continue to make a fresh, delicious and healthy product and make sure that everyone we deal with, from our suppliers to our wholesale customers to our end consumers ‘wins’ from their interaction with us.

As a challenger to other ready to drink cold brew coffees, we aim to provide better taste, better value, greater convenience and to be more environmentally friendly. In order to provide all of the above, the box format was a no-brainer.

It was also unbelievably cool. Coffee and ‘goon’! A marriage made in heaven.