Why Is Mana Better

There are a few cold brews popping up around Australia. And sure, some of them are even quite good. But, shamelessly tooting our own horn, we reckon our Cold Brew is bee’s knees.

We have extensively tested our cold brewing process to produce the finest cold brew we can.  Everything from the bean type, the grind, the filtration method, how long we steep it for, the water temperature and even how the water is poured onto the coffee has been tested and selected to deliver the best tasting cold brew possible.

And then, there’s the box.

Have you seen the box?! It’s beautiful. A compact, functional and just plain adorable little box just waiting to share its Mana with you. The perfect size to fit in your fridge or esky. If you need more flexible packaging arrangements, remove the bag from within! It’s even easier to pack into bike panniers, a backpack or just wedge it between your car’s boot and a stack of camping chairs.

This combination of fantastic cold brew coffee and genius packaging comes to you at a price that makes each serve drastically cheaper than cafe coffee or pods. Spend all that saved cash on something awesome…